Past Projects Include:

165ft Abseil off The Forth Rail Bridge
Members did this for The Penumbra Mental Health Charity

Down I go! Click to enlarge.Forth Rail Bridge. Click to enlarge.

Paddle for Tanzania - 100 mile canoe expedition sponsored to raise money for AIDS orphans school.

Tanzania fund raising Click to enlarge.Supporting the schools. Click to enlarge.

We sponsored the Portree High School expedition to Peru

The Machu Pichu in Peru. Click to enlarge.

PIAF sponsored a member for Voluntary Orphanage work in Peru

Our member being throttled with love Peru. Click to enlarge.

"Trees For Life" - Restoring the Caledonian Forest Conservation Week

Planting a tree. Click to enlarge.Trees for life. Click to enlarge.Lets plant some more trees. Click to enlarge.